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Built-In Respect for Older People

Having been raised in a family where my parents, siblings, and live-in grandparents were much older than me, all whom I adored, let’s just say that jumping up to help them was “built-in.” My parents taught me to respect my elders, so I learned how to listen to and appreciate them. My grandmother was much older than those of my peers and had raised her family during the Great Depression, with additional challenges and stories I heard all my life. I had a great deal of respect for what older peoples’ life stories held.
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At a point in my life when a difficult series of events left me in a position of needing to care for both my school-age children and family members with medical conditions, I was in need of a total career change that would support my family’s needs. I answered an ad in the newspaper that read “make money helping seniors,” went on the interview and was introduced to a group of people I never expected to meet – insurance agents with a philosophy to go out and help people and the rest will work out. These brokers were mainly working with Medicare plans, and I liked the idea of gaining knowledge that could better help my own family deal with our Medicare questions. I took a leap of faith, procured my licenses, began to learn the business, and never looked back.


Helping Make Sense of it all

Eventually, I created my own agency in Harford County, my hometown. We continue to help make sense of it all by staying informed on the world of Medicare and the products available to our senior market. We believe in having options so that we can present what is available and allow people to make their own choices. We strive to educate and help fit you with the right products. That same philosophy is not only used with Medicare plans, but also with life insurance, annuities, and the other senior products we offer. There is much benefit to having someone help navigate all the information as things change throughout retirement. You’ll notice the difference in the way we go about it  it actually does help you, and you actually feel good about the decision you make, having been informed. I’ve heard it from hundreds of people at this point, and it never gets old hearing it. Glad to help!

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