B. Horanoff Insurance

Medicare, Health, Life, and Annuity
Helping you make sense of it all

B. Horanoff Insurance

Medicare, Health, Life, and Annuity
Helping you make sense of it all

B. Horanoff Insurance

Medicare, Health, Life, and Annuity
Helping you make sense of it all

B. Horanoff Insurance

Medicare, Health, Life, and Annuity
Helping you make sense of it all

Independent Insurance Agency

Specializing in Benefits for Seniors

We are a broker, founded by Barbara Horanoff. We offer most or all of the plans available in the region, ensuring we are tailoring plans to you, instead of the other way around. Always striving to be helpful, we focus our support toward simplifying the retirement process and remaining a resource throughout the years beyond.

Give us a call at 443-299-6854 or email us at info@bhihealthplans.com so we can tailor an appointment to your needs and schedule.

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We generally serve clients over the age of fifty, but we offer plans for all ages. We carry licenses in several states, but we are local to MD and southern PA. We offer products for all income levels, helping with assistance programs when needed.


Medicare Advantage Plans
Medicare Supplements
Prescription Drug Plans

Life Insurance

Whole Life / Final Expense
Term Life
Juvenile Whole Life
Disability Insurance



Additional Coverage

Dental, Vision and Hearing
Cancer/Heart Attack/Stroke
Hospital Indemnity
Short Term Home Health Care
Health Savings Products

Do You Have The Coverage You Need?

Yes, Medicare can be confusing but that’s why we’re here to help. Our services are always free to our clients, so please leave your wallet at home.

Are you currently enrolled in Medicare or will be in the next year?

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Frequently Asked Questions

We meet one-on-one with you in your home or in our office and discuss your personal situation while educating you on how Medicare works to help you understand what options you have and why some would be better than others in your specific situation.

What does Medicare cover?

Medically necessary hospital stays and outpatient care.

What is Part A?

Hospital insurance that covers in-patient hospital or skilled nursing facility confinement/admittance. Medicare alone does not cover 100%.

What is Part B?

Medical insurance that covers outpatient services, tests, and supplies. There is a monthly
premium for Medicare Part B.

What is Medicare Advantage or Part C?

A Medicare approved, but different way to get your Medicare benefits.

What is Part D?

Generally, prescription drug coverage through a Medicare approved plan.

What is the coverage gap or donut hole?

Terms describing Medicare’s coverage limits on medication costs.


Our clients know we’re different. Driven by integrity, we strive to inform and support you through the retirement process. With more than 10 years experience locally in the Medicare market, we are extremely knowledgeable in helping clients navigate the Medicare world.

Quote Marks

Barb and her staff were a huge help to me in navigating the Medicare and supplemental insurance process! She met me at my home and brought everything needed for me to review and select plans that met my personal needs. I know I can contact her anytime with a question or concern and can trust her to help me solve it. Her knowledge and support are invaluable to me as I began and continue in my retirement!

Nancy S.

Quote Marks

I first met Barbara Horanoff four years ago at a business women’s luncheon in Port Deposit. Her community outreach to this group impressed me right away. I had been attending it for several years and knew many of the members. As a retired teacher and single senior citizen, I was navigating a lot of new areas including Medicare and supplemental health insurance. How refreshing, I thought, to have a knowledgeable person looking over my shoulder for these complex decisions. I made an appointment with Barbara. She came to my home and her advice since then has proved to be invaluable. Barbara keeps wonderfully “in the know” and I highly recommend her services.

Nancy Reynolds

Quote Marks

Barb is an awesome agent. Her product knowledge is second to none. She is friendly and patient. She goes out of her way to help clients and does so without hesitation. I highly recommend her, she is a true professional.

Michael Stasky

Quote Marks

Barbara is an angel in disguise! If you are totally confused by this often overwhelming Medicare stuff, she will enlighten you in no time….very knowledgeable and has an awesome professional manner. Don’t miss out an opportunity to work with Barbara and have her offer you a secure future.

Allie Fischer

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